From Cystic to Clear:
Chloe’s Inspiring Acne Story

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Chloe’s acne started in high school. Knowing her mom and brothers also struggled with acne, she decided she didn’t want to go on accutane like they did. Like many of us, she took her doctor’s recommendation to go on the birth control pill instead.

While on the birth control pill, her acne started to improve and actually cleared completely. However six years ago, she needed to come off the pill. Her acne started coming back and about two years after quitting the pill, her acne got significantly worse.

Ever since then, the lower half of her face was inflamed and painful. She was dealing with a mix of comedones, papules, pustules and cystic acne. With the help of a naturopathic doctor, Chloe was able to identify what triggered her acne: sugar, alcohol and stress.

She tried avoiding her triggers and took supplements recommended by her naturopathic doctor. These recommendations improved the inflammation at first and she noticed that her skin would flare mostly around her period. Unfortunately these efforts stopped working and her acne started flaring all the time.

She decided to book a with Jillian Cole and I to clear her skin and improve her confidence.


During Chloe’s Skin Analysis, it was clear that her skin barrier was very compromised, inflamed and sensitized. We started by removing all of the actives she was using - from sulfur soap, niacinamide, glycyrrhizic acid and salicylic acid. We kept her Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser for her second evening cleanse and replaced her potent products with gentle ones, including:

- Glo Skin Beauty Gentle Cream Cleanser
- TIZO AM Replenish SPF 40
- NeoGenesis Barrier Renewal Cream

The hero product we included in her initial skin care routine was the NeoGenesis Recovery. This powerful serum has 70% human stem cell technology with antioxidants and peptides to speed healing and reduce inflammation. This breakthrough serum naturally returns the skin to a healthy state, reduces pain and is absolutely safe for daily use. Being an advanced acne case, I recommended that Chloe use it twice a day for three months consistently.

During her Intuitive Practice, I instructed her on how to use each product, how to adapt her skin care routine and sync her products with her menstrual cycle. One major focus was to cleanse before taking a shower and using warm, not hot water to do so.


Within only one month, Chloe’s skin barrier improved considerably. Redness was way down, pain had subsided and she was ready to take the next step.We carefully added the Glo Skin Beauty Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant to her evening skin care routine.

She started using it once a week and built up to every second night, always being mindful of taking two days off exfoliating completely to focus on barrier repair.

Within 3 months, we couldn’t believe our eyes! Cystic acne gone, inflammation completely disappeared and only a few minor breakouts remained.


At this stage, most estheticians would have recommended she do a series of chemical peels, microneedling or other medical treatments to tackle her scarring. I instead recommended she continue exactly what she was doing…

NeoGenesis Recovery twice a day, Glo Skin Beauty Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant 3-4 times per week consistently and adapting her skin care to her environment and menstrual cycle.

Only 6 months later, Chloe is glowing with confidently clear skin. 

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In Chloe's words:

“I'm feeling so much better about my skin. Thank you so much!”

Note: Chloe decided to stop using human stem cells due to budget restrictions and I was so proud to hear that 3 months later after switching out her Recovery for the Consonant B3 + Zinc Serum, Chloe still has not experienced a cystic breakout. She was pleased to report only one or two papules have surfaced but they heal quickly and are not in any way painful like the skin she was experiencing before her skin care journey with Skin Discovery.

If you can relate to Chloe’s story and would like to get started on your journey to calm, clear skin, book your advanced Skin Analysis appointment today.