The Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine that Reversed Sandy's Wrinkles

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Sandy has dry skin and was concerned with the visible lines and wrinkles from years under the sun. Being a long time client of Skin Discovery, I had the pleasure of working with Sandy over many years. We started out with a skin care routine that quenched her dry skin and started to incorporate the Rejudicare SRX Max in addition to effective sun protection: the Sorella Hydrating SPF 30.

After a few years of using retinol, peptide creams and hydrating serums, Sandy wanted to try something new. She did not want to do any invasive treatments like botox or fillers and was more so interested in trying a more advanced, natural solution to soften her lines and wrinkles. I was so excited to introduce her to NeoGenesis!


NeoGenesis is an innovative, professional skin care line from California that provides safe and effective products using breakthrough technology and modern science to support the skin, naturally.

They do this by harnessing the power of certified adult stem cell released molecules to awaken the body’s natural regenerative power.

It does so by mimicking the body’s natural healing process. The stem cell molecules are naturally packaged in exosomes, which protect and deliver the molecules to the areas of skin that need them the most. When applied to damaged skin, the skin can return to a healthier, more youthful state.

The corrective ability of this technology is incredible and is the first I’ve seen in my practice to generate significant results on their own (without any other modalities used). Being natural and non-invasive, it was the perfect fit for Sandy!


We added the NeoGenesis 20% Skin Serum to her morning skin care routine and the 70% Recovery to her evening skin care routine.


Step 1 - Cerave Hydrating Cleanser
Step 2 - Sorella Watermelon Hydrating Mist
Step 3 - NeoGenesis Skin Serum
Step 4 - TIZO AM Rejuvenation
Step 5 - Sorella Hydrating SPF 30


Step 1 - Cerave Hydrating Cleanser
Step 2 - Sorella Watermelon Hydrating Mist
Step 3 - Rejudicare Retinol SRX Max (twice a week)
Step 4 - NeoGenesis Recovery
Step 5 - Sorella The Balm

In just 3 months time, Sylvia started to notice that her skin appeared brighter and her lines have significantly reduced!

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s possible for her over the next 12 months using this innovative technology.

If you're looking for a natural solution to reverse the signs of aging on your skin, book yourself a Skin Analysis and let's get you on the right path to calm, clear, vibrant skin!