Skin Barrier Repair: 3 Ways Erin Achieved Calm, Clear Skin

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Erin booked a Skin Analysis with me looking for answers as to why her skin was feeling tight, sensitive and more oily than ever. She was experiencing breakouts more frequently and would notice that they would take almost 3 weeks to heal.

She answered my questions, sent me pictures of her skin and shared the details of her skin care routine. We met over Zoom for the first appointment, her Skin Care Review.

We identified that she has a combination skin type and that she’s experiencing dehydrated and sensitized skin. These conditions were contributing to the increase in oil and acne breakouts.


Redness is always the first sign we need to treat. To calm redness we must first remove anything that may be irritating Erin’s skin.

The first factor was the high amount of sulfonic acid in her Skinceuticals gel cleanser.

The second factor was the denatured alcohol in her Skinceuticals blemish and age defence serum. The quantity of denatured alcohol and exfoliating acids in this formula is very strong. Using it once or twice daily as the bottle directs, her skin was over-exfoliated, sensitized and uncomfortable.

The third factor was lack of sunscreen. In her case, Erin’s skin was photosensitive with the use of alpha hydroxy acids. On top of that, the MAC studio fix powder and blush contains talc, which was stealing moisture from her skin throughout the day. 


Erin decided to switch to the NeoGenesis Cleanser, stop using the Skinceuticals Serum. With irritants removed, I focused her protocol on balancing oil production.

For her morning serum we chose Consonant’s HydrExtreme and the B3 + Zinc Serum at night.

Her day cream became the AM Replenish SPF 40 to protect and hydrate with ceramides. For her night cream, she switched to the NeoGenesis Light Moisturizer.

In her second appointment, the Intuitive Practice, I taught Erin how to adapt her skin care routine based on the changing signs on her skin.

I helped her develop new techniques on how to use her products and how to sync them with her menstrual cycle. Erin quickly became intuitive with her care and the expert of her own skin. 


Within one month of her new skin care routine, Erin’s redness was gone. Her skin was feeling less oily as well.

We decided to add exfoliating acids back in her skincare routine, slowly and in the evenings only.

We chose the Glo Skin Beauty Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant, a blend of mandelic and lactic acid to gently reveal a clear complexion. 

In Erin's words:

"Since my Intuitive Package with Christine, my skin is a lot less oily, I breakout much less often and when I do get them they heal so much faster. My skin feels comfortable and I'm getting so many compliments on my skin!". 

I’m so proud of the results we were able to achieve together. Erin’s story highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy skin barrier for calm, clear skin.

If you feel like you've tried everything to clear your acne without success, book yourself a Skin Analysis and let's get you on the right path to healthy skin!