The Power of Your Mindset when Clearing Your Skin

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Claire came off the birth control pill and started to experience persistent acne. After just a few months, her skin got progressively worse and to a point where she felt she couldn’t leave her house out of embarrassment for her appearance.

She started using benzoyl peroxide from Paula’s Choice. After it burned her skin, she decided to get a 5% Aczone prescription from her medical doctor. After the Aczone wasn't making a difference on her skin, she was scared to try anything else on her face and was at a loss as to what to do next.

Claire booked a Holistic Skin Care Bundle to work with Jillian Cole and I to get to the bottom of her skin woes.

Her clear skin journey started with Jillian’s recommendations on holistic support, which focused on reducing stress and taking time for self-care and self-love. She recommended a few different supplements, inositol and berberine, and gave some gentle food suggestions like being mindful sugar intake.

It was a breath of fresh air that she did not recommend fully cutting anything out or go on a specific diet, like other naturopathic doctors she had worked with.

Jillian also recommended her to look into her Human Design, which was so helpful because Clarie wanted to live more in alignment while increasing her energy levels throughout the day.


Her second appointment was with me over a Skin Care Review.

Since her skin was dehydrated and sensitized, we focused her topicals on repairing her skin barrier. Since she needs to wear makeup for work, we added the Glo Gentle Cream Cleanser as her first cleanse in her evening skin care routine to ensure no residue was being left to clog her pores overnight.

We introduced the Suntegrity Trifecta Power Mist and Consonant HydrExtreme to increase her skin’s water levels and treat dehydrated skin. We added the Zyderma Clarifying Cream under the TIZO AM Replenish SPF 40 during the day to help balance her microbiome and protect her skin.

In the evening, we added the NeoGenesis Recovery and Barrier Renewal Cream to jumpstart the healing process. We had a Glo Skin Beauty Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant ready to use a few times per week when her skin no longer felt right, dry or sensitive.


The second thing we did together is an Intuitive Practice. This appointment was focused on teaching Claire how to use her new products, how to sync them with her menstrual cycle and become intuitive with her skin care. This way when her skin changes, she knows how to adapt her skin care!

My focus for her coaching in this appointment was to shift her mindset from judgement to curiosity in the mirror. I knew she was feeling extremely self-conscious and was putting a lot of pressure on herself to clear her skin.

Since I knew the next time I would speak to Claire would be at her 3 month follow-up appointment, I left her with some reassurance, mantras (intentional thoughts) and a technique to practice self-compassion in the mirror. 


At her 3 month follow-up appointment, Claire was feeling stressed and discouraged. Her skin was actually worse than when we started working together! I was shocked, as I’ve never had a client whose skin has gone this backwards before.

I asked Claire what had changed since we spoke in our last appointment. She admitted that she became impatient with her skin, overwhelmed by her acne and felt like she wasn’t doing enough. This led her to find a new naturopathic doctor who put her on a diet to clear her skin.

Dieting is stressful on the body and is a blocker for important nutrients to promote healing of the skin. This explains why Claire’s skin was worse after 3 months time. It was apparent that her mindset needed to be a focus in order to get her on the right path.

I focused her follow-up appointment on reassuring her that she was already on the right path and needed to stay the course. I asked her to stop everything except for the mindset work we did together over her Intuitive Practice, along with her skin care routine. 


Claire and I connected for her 6 month follow-up appointment to see her progress and determine next steps.

I was thrilled to see that her skin was completely clear! Not a single breakout and only post inflammatory hyperpigmentation left to tackle.

I asked her what changes she made during her last appointment and she said:

“I took your advice and stopped everything except for my skin care routine. I didn’t realize how much stress I was under that was preventing me from healing. My skin is not super dry or oily like usual, it’s comfortable. When I do get breakouts they are small and heal very quickly within a day or two.” 

In Claire's words:

"“Looking back, I can't believe how much time I spent obsessing over my skin. I would spend hours every day watching youtube videos, or scrolling Reddit's skin care addiction threads to try to find answers. I didn't realize at the time, but by doing this, I was feeding the flame, and adding to the stress that was showing up on my skin. My whole life was consumed by it. As soon as I started just letting go, that's when I started to see a difference.” 

I’m so proud of the results that Claire, Jillian and I were able to achieve together.

When Claire was able to get her mind out of the way, her topical skin care products were able to get to work and the holistic habits she was implementing allowed her body to heal her acne and clear her skin. 

If you feel like you've tried everything to clear your acne without success, book yourself a Holistic Skin Analysis and let's get you on the right path to clear skin!