About Skin Discovery

Helping You Discover Your Best Skin

I’m Christine, a certified Skin Therapist, trained corneotherapist and spa owner. I’m someone who has acne-prone sensitive skin and I've struggled with a host of other inflammatory skin conditions in my life, so I know how frustrating and defeating it can feel to go down the traditional path of healing the skin. 

I don’t believe in diets, fads or harsh treatments. I don’t believe that you need to take a ton of supplements or have a 10 step skin care routine. I believe in personalized, professional and holistic skin care and I have a proven process that has allowed countless women achieve their skin care goals, both virtually and in-person in my spa located in Barrie, Ontario.

Instead of only treating the symptoms on your skin, I help you discover the leading cause of your condition, the lifestyle adjustments that matter and a skin care routine that works. If you feel like you’ve tried everything to improve your skin without success, book yourself a Holistic Skin Analysis and let me guide you on the right path to calm, clear, healthy skin!

Why Christine?


I'm insightful in my recommendations as I have over 7 years of client experience and I've invested in extensive training over my career. Having personally struggled with inflammatory skin conditions myself, I have a deep understanding of what my clients go through physically and emotionally.


I'm passionate about helping women achieve their skin care goals. I'm someone who truly cares about my clients' success and I'm as committed to the process as they are and it shows. I take the time to really understand my clients' needs and personalize their experience.


I'm holistic in my approach to achieving skin care results. I focus on identifying the leading cause of the skin condition rather than only treating the symptoms on the surface of the skin. My proven process has allowed many virtual and in-person clients achieve visible skin care results that last. 


I have a certificate in Skin Therapy from George Brown College. I've been trained as a Corneotherapist by Pastiche and I'm recognized as a member of the International Association of Corneotherapy (IAC). I've taken vagus nerve training from Jessica Maguire. I've also taken cognitive behavioural therapy training and adopted a non-diet approach from Stephanie Dodier. I'm a lifelong learner who has dedicated my practice to continuous education in holistic skin care for my clients.

My Values


My skin care approach focuses on respecting and maintaining the barrier function of your epidermis at all times so that your body's immunity is never compromised for skin care results.


I help women become the expert of their own skin by educating my clients on the signals that show up on their skin and how to adapt their care to meet the needs of their skin in the moment.  


I'm here to support women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones. I recognize the important differences between light and dark skin and strive to be a weight, race and sex inclusive practitioner who respects diversity.

My Story

Growing up, I was fascinated by skin care. I read books and experimented with natural ingredients to calm my sensitive skin. I enjoyed created cosmetics like lotions and lip balms. After graduating with my bachelor of commerce in entrepreneurship, I stopped creating natural skin care products after realizing that we don't need another skin care line in this world. What we do need is unbiased personalized skin care advice. 

My passion for skin care led me to pursue my certification in skin therapy. The same year, I got off the birth control pill after a few intense migraines had me visiting the hospital. By the time I graduated, I started experiencing persistent acne. 

Entering the aesthetics industry as a professional with acne had me feeling very self-conscious. I was ashamed of how I looked and my self-woth and body image took a dive. Living downtown Toronto at the time, I was balancing my full time corporate job with my part time skin care business. This led to chronic stress, burnout and a host of inflammatory skin conditions. 

Instead of listening to my body, I pushed through for two more years. During this time, I developed exfoliative cheilitis, fungal acne, eczema, persistent acne and frustrating bacne. I even had a bout with pityriasis rosea and shingles that had me visiting various dermatology offices.

These experiences with my skin led me to working with various health professionals. I did the food sensitivity test, DUTCH hormone test and tried diet after diet to fix my gut hoping that my skin would clear. After spending thousands of dollars on medical spa treatments, naturopathic doctor visits and expensive supplements, my skin still wasn't clear. I had enough of the restriction, the stress and financial burden.

I felt defeated, like I had tried everything out there to clear my acne. I then realized there is one thing I hadn't tried - strengthening my mindset. I decided to study Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and body image theory. Where I once saw my acne as a barrier to becoming successful in my profession, I discovered that acne has been my partner all along. It helps me relate to other women who feel the same way that I did. This powerful shift in thinking elevated my body image and working on my mindset daily reduced my stress levels considerably. This is when I finally started to see profound change in my skin.

I know what it feels like to struggle chronic skin conditions and these experiences motivated me to get educated and help other women achieve calm, clear skin. If you have any questions about my story or qualifications, don't hesitate to reach out.

Get Started


Take the first step towards your skin care goals by booking a holistic skin analysis with a certified skin therapist and trained corneotherapist. During this in-person or virtual consultation, you'll discover the leading cause of your skin condition and be given a comprehensive treatment plan that includes recommendations to improve your mindset, gut health and topical skin care routine.