Your personalized blueprint to clear, vibrant skin

It’s time to get to the bottom of your acne, eczema and rosacea so you can stop feeling overwhelmed by the ocean of information on IG and TikTok and feeling hopeless after trying everything to rescue your skin. Instead, you'll have a clear, personalized plan that gets you back to feeling confident, vibrant and focused on what really matters in your life.


You’ve likely landed here because you’re sick of living with uncomfortable, red, inflamed skin 🥴

Maybe you’re constantly breaking out. Or you’re dealing with that deep painful, cystic acne. Maybe it’s dry, itchy skin with rashes or persistent redness that people around you keep pointing out, leaving you feeling self-conscious.

Maybe it's not only uncomfortable – but is seriously impacting your social life, what you’re able to eat (or rather not eat), how you show up in your relationships and your work, your self-confidence and how you carry yourself

...and you’re over it 👏

Are you nodding your head over there? If so, you’re in the right place

perhaps this sounds familiar

Maybe your acne is really impacting your confidence – and you’ve noticed that you’re passing on invites to dinner with friends, spending more time at home than usual, and have put a pause on your dating life for the foreseeable future 🥴

Your eczema is so GD itchy that it’s keeping you up at night, and the lack of sleep is making you feel more irritable, impacting your focus and productivity at work, keeping you from making plans with your friends, and disrupting your ability to show up fully in your day to day life.

Perhaps the basket of partially-used products sitting in your bathroom vanity is getting to the point where it’s overflowing and you’re going to lose it if you drop another $300 on skincare that isn’t working 🙃

If *any* of this sounds like you and your current skin sitch – we’re so glad you landed here.

Skin issues like acne, eczema and rosacea can be frustrating, painful and seriously impact our confidence and comfort.

They can also seriously impact our ability to live our lives like a normal human 🙃

And while you may be suffering with these skin concerns now — they don’t have to be your forever.


Through addressing the underlying root causes that are leading to your skin concerns and healing your skin barrier, you can get back to clear, vibrant skin.

Imagine not being tempted by the latest TikTok trend, skin care product or diet you found online because you have a personalized skin care and gut healing plan (and two qualified, caring professionals by your side) to help you achieve real results and feel like yourself again.

We’re here to guide you at every step of your skin-healing journey.


Gut x Skin Rescue Bundle

Your personalized blueprint to clear, vibrant skin

Gut x Skin Rescue Bundle Mockup.png__PID:df48e0e7-e418-419c-bd5f-374fe22d42e3

How it works 👇

What the Gut x Skin Rescue Bundle Includes:

This whole-body, collaborative experience includes two 1:1 consultations — one with a certified skin therapist, and one with a certified nutritional practitioner specializing in gut health (Christine and Mia – your skin rescue team!) — to develop your personalized roadmap to clear, vibrant skin.


• 1x Holistic Skin Analysis (90 minutes) complete with a diagnostic of your skin, identification of your leading causes and triggers with a thorough review of all your products and practices (emailed to you within 3 business days)

• Completely personalized skin care routine (products sold separately, travel sizes and samples available for most products so that you can try before committing to the full size)

• Personalized mental health recommendations based on your needs

• Email support for 4 weeks following the delivery of your protocol (to help address questions and implementation as needed after receiving your products)

• Option to book a virtual Intuitive Practice (to learn how to use your products most effectively at an additional cost) and monthly personalized Facial Treatment (at an additional cost) if you are local to Barrie


• 1x Intake & Strategy Session (75-90 minutes) complete with a personalized foundational protocol (delivered to you usually within 3 business days)

• Completely personalized nutrition, lifestyle, herbal and supplement recommendations, as well as any relevant resources, based on your goals

• Recorded walkthrough of protocol (this personalized recording help explain recommendations you'll find in the protocol, why I'm making specific recommendations, and preempt any questions you may have (though I of course always welcome questions, which is exactly why I offer chat support!)

• Chat support for 4 weeks following the delivery of your protocol (to help address questions and implementation as needed after receiving your second protocol)

• Access to online supplement dispensary where you can access professional grade supplements, at a 10-15% discount option to access functional testing, and further sessions (at an additional cost)

Investment: 375$ CAD

(plus tax, as applicable)




Meet Christine

Hi there! I’m Christine, a certified skin therapist and spa owner. I help busy women who are feeling frustrated and embarrassed by their appearance to clear acne and calm redness so that they can feel confident in their skin and get back to focusing on what matters in their life.

As a member of the International Association of Corneotherapy, my priority is to repair and maintain your skin barrier at all times. I’ve achieved remarkable skin care results using this gentle and holistic approach to clearing acne, rosacea and eczema over the past 7 years.

After struggling with a host of inflammatory conditions myself, I know firsthand what my clients go through emotionally and physically. These experiences have made me a relatable skin professional who knows what works and what doesn’t as I guide my clients on their skin care journey.

I’m proud to have worked with severe cases of acne, rosacea and eczema over the years and relieve my clients who have struggled for 10+ years with these conditions and have been unresponsive to traditional treatment. I’m proud to have a community of women who have gone from feeling self-conscious and self-critical to living confidently without makeup. There’s nothing I find more rewarding than seeing my clients’ skin clear and confidence transform!

Meet Mia

Hey there 👋 I’m Mia (she/her), a Certified Nutritional Practitioner & Functional Diagnostics Nutrition Practitioner CNP NNCP FDN-P, specializing in gut health and fatigue.

I help folks struggling with chronic digestive concerns like bloating, IBS, GERD, reflux, nausea, etc., as well as fatigue, PMS, painful periods, and skin issues, using an investigative, root-cause approach, with the ultimate intention of getting people back to living their lives fully (without being bogged down by symptoms).

I support my clients in achieving their health goals through a highly bio-individualized approach to nutrition and lifestyle, as well as leaning on tools like conventional and functional lab work.

15+ years of chronic digestive issues, and eventually experiencing burnout myself, lead me to take my health into my own hands (after not finding answers via conventional medicine) — and ultimately go back to school for nutrition to help people going through the same experience I did!

Now, I’m lucky to support folks going through similar experiences, where I’m able to marry my formal education with my personal experience, lending empathy and understanding to better support my clients’ outcomes, bringing an additional layer of care to my work.

With clients, we’re able to dive deep and uncover root contributors to their frustrating symptoms, co-creating healing plans that feel practical, realistic, and aligned with their values, with an emphasis on sustainable, long-term results.

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A whole-body approach to clear skin


✓ You’re currently struggling with skin concerns like acne, rosacea, eczema, etc., and want a personalized, sustainable solution to clear, glowy skin

✓ You’ve perhaps tried spironolactone, topical corticosteroids, ciclosporin, doxycycline or even accutane for your skin issues – and you’re tired of bouncing between meds that don’t quite seem to be clearing your skin, and want a sustainable solution that WORKS

✓ You’re likewise tired of wasting your money on skin care products that aren’t helping, supplements that might have even made things worse 😳and are tired of playing guessing games when it comes to what to try next – a personalized plan, and proven roadmap sounds really, really nice 🙃

✓ On top of your skin stuff, you’re also dealing with frustrating symptoms like bloating that makes it hard to wear your pants comfortably, reactions to foods that seemingly happen out of nowhere (you react to a food one day, but not the next??), and barely-there energy 😴


✗ You’re not looking to address your skin concerns via a whole-body approach, through both skin barrier and topical support, as well as nutrition, lifestyle, and supporting pathways in the body that impact skin health

✗ You’re looking for a quick fix that doesn’t involve work or commitment on your end. Diving deeper into the root-cause of skin concerns like acne, eczema and rosacea may mean making shifts to your nutrition, lifestyle, routines, rituals and habits. Christine & Mia are here to support you every step of the way – but it will involve work on your end!

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