90 MIN

Rejuvenating Facial


The Skin Discovery Rejuvenating Facial is a 90 minute treatment focused on stress relief, deep relaxation focused and barrier repair. New client are welcome to book this soothing treatment. Is also makes a great gift! Note that it is also safe for pregnant women.


Skin care approach


Christine is a certified Skin Therapist who has been treating inflammatory skin conditions topically for over 5 years. She has a deep understanding of skin care ingredients, their synergies and contraindications. Only clinically proven skin care products are trusted and recommended.


Christine's skin care approach respects the barrier function of your epidermis. Restoring your stratum corneum prior to treating conditions such as acne and eczema ensures optimal results. Supporting your skin barrier and helping you age smart is always prioritized above aggressive treatment options.


Christine supports women of all shapes, sizes and skin tones. She recognizes the important differences between light and dark skin and strives to be a weight, race and sex inclusive practitioner who respects diversity. Christine takes a personalized approach with every client she works with.


What to Expect

Customer Reviews

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Janelle Pattenden
Out of this world relaxing

Wow, this Rejuvenating Facial was an absolute treat! From the moment I stepped into the room, I felt the stress melt away. The room itself is so peaceful and cozy and the gentle aromatherapy made me feel so calm. Christine paid special attention to my skin needs on this specific day to ensure I had the best treatment protocol possible. She was extremely attentive and knowledgeable, I honestly learned so much, I’ve never had an experience like that at any other spa. The facial itself was very thorough and Christine walked me through every step of the facial, which I so appreciated. The hot towel and cold therapy were the best part, truly felt like an out of body experience. What stood out to me during the entire facial is that I could truly feel the love and passion, Christine is so gentle and her treatment was so soothing, I felt like I floated out of my treatment relaxed, rejuvenated and absolutely glowing, just as promised! If you’re thinking about getting a facial, Christine is your girl! Thank you so much Christine, can’t wait to see you again!

Melissa Lesperance
Relaxing and restoring experience

I was so very pleased with my 90min facial treatment with Christine. She was mindful to provide an explanation of each step before proceeding and was so knowledgeable in her explanations. Christine has created a beautiful, and relaxing space to unwind in and get pampered. I left with glowing skin, and in a zen state. Christine even provided a few samples for me to try out to keep my skin looking great. I highly recommend to anyone looking to treat themselves or a special someone!