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Meet Beth Davison

Beth is a Medical Aesthetician and Master Skin Care Therapist. After graduating with honors from the Beauty Institute of Canada, she went on to complete Master Skin Care Classes at the International Dermal Institute in Toronto.

Beth’s passion for restoring healthy skin has always taken the whole body in to consideration. Her approach is to educate her clients on how the skin functions and what their specific concerns are, guide them to the best topical care routine and treatments, as well as encouraging them to take control over their overall well-being.

Beth has a huge heart for others, and understands what it’s like not to feel comfortable in your own skin. Kind and compassionate care is what she strives most to provide, and loves helping her clients regain their confidence as they find radiant skin and health.

Meet Ann Green

Integrative health professional, professor + yoga therapist with 35+ years of expertise integrating movement education, breath work, lymph work, resiliency and high performance habits. She is an alchemist of embodied physiology, and believes kindness is the highest wisdom. She is a demonstrated trailblazer in Resiliency Wellness work as lead and director of Resiliency Coaching at Seneca College. As a conduit, time with Ann may include an experience of movement education, yoga, embodied therapy like lymph assessment or pain management strategies + techniques, and/or performance periodization.

Her empowering workshops + programs have led her to contributions with the Canadian Sports Medicine + Orthopedic Surgery Councils, as well as many keynote addresses. Ann as an author, has been featured in many journals, magazines, book and podcast opportunities, including Runner’s World, Yoga Journal, Alive Magazine, The Daily Tea, The Hockey News, NBC News, Self, Shape, Daily Burn, Mindfulness, OptiMYz, Reader’s Digest, CAA, The Connected Yoga Teacher, and more, including Harvard’s review on the Science of Yoga.

Ann is passionate about health awareness for concussion + MTBI. She has created a foundational program to navigate support for thrivers + caregivers called BRAIN.STORM. Ann’s remarkable resiliency makes her a sought after keynote address with her actualized Olympic dream + her support as an empowering high performance coach to many athletes + entrepreneurs in her consulting work with My SHiNE through her company, Shine Om Inc.

Ann is happiest when spending time in nature with her loving family, enjoying outdoor adventures near her home where the mountains meet the Bay. She is honoured + delighted to be expanding her sharing with you, meeting you where you’re at. 

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Meet Jenn Jodouin

Jenn is an advanced holistic nutritionist and helps overwhelmed women living with hormonal symptoms like low energy, weight gain, and PMS recharge their batteries and feel amazing in their bodies again without dieting.

Her nutrition certifications allow her to help virtually coach women in making cleaner eating simple with foundational skills and knowledge that encourage a lifestyle change. Jenn's process supports the ups and downs, ebbs and flows of nutrition, fitness, sleep, self-care, hormones, and mindset in a holistic approach that consistently moves you forward in your health journey.

She lives by the motto that healthy living all starts with one bite at a time. She can help you make each bite count!

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Meet Tess Martin

Tess is a psychotherapist who takes a compassionate approach to caring for her clients. With sessions led by and for the client, goals can collaboratively be built and cognitive cycles can be restructured. She enjoys working with women to help them improve their self-esteem and self-confidence.

In the pursuit to help children and youth, Tess obtained her bachelors in Child Development and worked as a registered Early Childhood Educator. She then got a certificate in Youth Mental Health and graduated with a degree in Social Work at Lakehead, completing her educational journey (for now). Tess has worked in a variety of settings, most currently as a Mental Health and Addictions Counsellor serving Simcoe County. She has had the opportunity to facilitate multiple groups such as: Living Life to the Full, Wellness Groups, Wellness Recovery Action Planning and many more.

Tess has worked with all types of demographics including children, youth, women and families. Within Tess’ practice you will find CBT/DBT and Mindfulness techniques and solution-focused approaches. Tess incorporates these practices within her daily life and teaches the importance of structure; what good days vs bad days are and how a little self-care and vulnerability can go a long way. 

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Meet Jillian Cole

Jillian is the owner, creator and formulator of COLE, a cellular skincare and ingestible beauty company based in Canada. She carries a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine diploma from the Canada College of Naturopathic Medicine and has 10 years of clinical experience as a naturopathic doctor.

Towards the end of her naturopathic doctor career, Jillian exclusively focused on skin health, particularly acne and healthy aging. The more she worked with patients struggling with their skin health and the more she continued to further her knowledge of topical skincare, the less was available for her that she felt comfortable recommending to her patients. This led to Jillian pursuing further education in product formulating from Formula Botanica (both the regular and advanced diploma courses), as well as expanding her knowledge of the skin by taking courses on corneotherapy through Pastiche Training and becoming a certified Pastiche Skin Diagnostic Technician, in order to formulate corneotherapeutic-inspired topical skincare.

COLE is an advanced skin system, minding the principles of corneotherapy and naturopathic medicine. It aims to target the health of the skin at a "root cause" level, using both a topical and ingestible skincare approach.


Meet Justine Sly

Justine is a seasoned makeup artist with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. Justine's passion lies in creating looks that elevate someone's natural beauty and showcase their unique personality through creative expression.

Her talent and versatility have allowed her to work in a variety of fields, including film, TV, fashion, and bridal. Justine's ability to collaborate with her clients, and her keen eye for detail have earned her a reputation as a trusted and sought-after makeup artist.

With her expertise and passion, Justine is committed to bringing out the best in each person she works with, and helping them feel confident and beautiful both inside and out.

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